The Rising Trend of Journalism
The Rising Trend of Journalism

The Rising Trend of Journalism

  • Those times are gone when students didn’t have much courage to take up journalism. The trends have changed for good and more students are taking up journalism and related fields to pursue as a career.


  • There was once a time when every second student used to either take up science to study medicine and engineering or commerce to stick with Chartered Accountancy and Management. Humanities stream was considered an option, best for those students who were not good enough in studies and had interests, outside of books. These students either went on studying English Literature, Psychology or Philosophy. It is interesting to note that there was always a larger, broader and higher scope of employment in more than ten different sectors and its sub-sectors in the following stream.


  •  As the younger generation started to take over the majority of proportions of the population of the country, the sectors apart from medicine and engineering started to witness a boom. Students who were interested in journalism, reporting, writing, designing, acting and much more gained a confidence to pursue their dreams without hesitation. One can easily spot two or more journalism students at different companies pursuing their internship in Delhi.


  • Earlier, the ones who had the passion to go out and seek the truth behind a story or a fact used to fight out to go beyond the most popular careers of India and opt for journalism. The rise in popularity of stars, social media and a curiosity in the youngsters to know more and everything hiked the number of students interesting in fields associated with journalism and mass communication.


  • There are several private and government institutions that singularly offer graduate courses in journalism, mass communication, and other inter-related courses. There are advertising companies, newspaper agencies and news channels and entertainment channels that offer an internship in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and other metropolitan cities.


  • Students who take up journalism and mass communication have the options to pursue their career in multiple job profile such as content writing, reporting, photography, blogging, video blogging, anchoring, and acting, etc. The old trends are being turned down, there are some students who had taken up medicine, CA, engineering and other tried and tested career paths due to peer pressure or other reasons are now a day’s taking the risk to fulfill their dreams. Students even relocate to pursue journalism internship in Delhi and Mumbai as these two cities can be considered as the home to some of the major companies in the industry domain.

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