5 Step Formula To Increase Your Productivity

Time is Money: The Goal of Our 5 Step Formula

How many hours are you spending a day to build your business? Are you counting them? So, what’s the result? Whatever the result is, sure there is a way to get a better one!! Why am I saying it? Well, the answer is pretty easy: Because there is ALWAYS a way to do things better!! Don’t you think?

The fact is that you are an entrepreneur and not an employee, so instead of being paid for the time you work as an employee, you will be paid for the results. So your goal is not to make things as long as you can, but the better you can. And if we act as smart entrepreneurs we may probably understand that if you invest time properly you will not only save time, but we can also spend that time to do more and more to increase your productivity!!

Let’s take a look at our 5 Step Formula to achieve a real smart entrepreneur mindset!!

Only a 5 Step Formula to Start With, Nothing More

If you have understood the importance of being efficient and you want to achieve that result to increase your productivity here’s the 5 Step Formula you have to master:

  1. You must set goals, have you a plain?;
  2. Use 60 minutes intervals to operate tasks;
  3. 90% of the time in MMA (Money Making Activities);
  4. Don’t try to be multitasking, it is counterproductive;
  5. Avoid distractions.

So let’s start with goals!! You probably have a goal, and this goal is to make money right? Well, we are not speaking of this kind of goals. We are speaking of targets on a time base.  You need a plain and you must setup targets for every month, every week or even every day. Are you going to set up a blog for example? How long will it take? A week? Perfect, this is one of your targets and you need to do that!! Your blog will give you money if it’s set up right? So the first you do that, the first you will earn!!

Then for our 5 Step Formula plain all the tasks on a daily base and divide all of them into 60 minutes intervals. For example, plain to do facebook for an hour and then the following hour do some prospects. Try to group the same tasks so if you need 3 hours a day to call your prospects to do it for 3 hours consecutively. As humans, changing tasks required at least 20 minutes to a full immersion so if you facebook 3 hours a day and do it one hour on the morning, one on the afternoon and one on the evening you will lose 60 minutes for nothing!!

Focus on MMA. Email ar, not MMA!! So don’t look at your email every 10 minutes because you are losing time for nothing. Do it twice per day, one in the morning and one in the evening, not more!! And don’t write someone giant paragraph, a couple of sentences are enough. At least 30 minutes per day. And remember, MMA is: Generating Traffic and Prospecting!!

Next for the 5 Step Formula don’t be multitasking. We are not very well at multitasking. So if you are creating a post, start and finish it without twitter in the middle. Focus on only one task at a time or it’s no use. Also, consider that multitasking operations tend to make you lose IQ. Not a joke.

Last, absolutely, avoid distractions. Is not a hobby, is work and you need to do it well if you want results. So close your cell, don’t sing for anything, don’t think about your lover, etc… Be on focus!! It’s for your future so don’t let anyone or anything waste it!!

This is all about the basics that our 5 Step Formula provide us and if you follow this formula you sure are going to do better than now and you will

Increase Your Productivity!! (Remember to  relax 10 minutes every hour, is for your health).

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